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Giants editor not responding

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Created20.02.2017 19:28

Shawn Michael Depoy (Unknown) 20.02.2017 19:31

I recently got the latest giants editor to do some tweaking to a map of fs 15. I really need some help because every time I attempt to open the map i3d file, the editor stops responding almost immediately and will never load the map. Please help!

Julien Juju (jujuokl) 21.02.2017 08:55
You cant open fs15 map with ge 7.x.x.

Zach Esmeier (Unknown) 21.02.2017 23:44
I am trying to edit the fs15 lawncare map using giants editor version 6.0.5 but when ever I try to save the edits I have made the program says not responding and shuts down without saving my progres, what can I do?

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