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After export with blender faces not heading forward are transparent

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Created22.02.2017 14:29

Bartek Perkowski (Pyrol) 22.02.2017 14:32
There are two SS which explain what I mean ;)

If you want I can also upload .blend
While I was using ac3d there was an option (sth. like) 2d texture facing and I guess that may be it.

Thanks for help,

Andy .... (Unknown) 23.02.2017 06:14
When in blender you need to enter edit mode, select the face that is wrong then go to mesh / faces / flip normals...

This should fix your issue.

The textures are only rendered on one side of the model this is why they are transparent from one side. There are ways to have a double sided mesh but there is no need for me to go into this :-)


Bartek Perkowski (Pyrol) 24.02.2017 17:58
Andy so much thanks for that :)
Problem solved, one more thanks to you,

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