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How to remove grass?

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Created26.02.2017 12:49

J0hny John (j0hny) 26.02.2017 12:50
I wanna did dirt road but still is the grass, how to get rid of?

Tony Price (brownthumb) 27.02.2017 01:48

André Vos (Foxman1966) 28.02.2017 17:00
You can use that Lizard Roll behind your tractor, to roll over that grass. Than the dirt will apear and the grass will not come back.
You can finsd it in the store under Lizard R 5000 roll on diversety.

Good luck and have fun.

Steven Grey (Unknown) 06.04.2017 19:25
You have to go to the foliage channel and right click over the grass to delete it, there are 2 layers of grass, the green stuff underneath and the actual blades of grass. You only have removed the under layer of grass.

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