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Erosion does not work

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Created07.03.2017 18:24

Tobias W (Unknown) 07.03.2017 18:29
I am using the GE 7.0.5 (64bit) and i cant get the erosion-feature to work.
Noise works perfectly.
But afterwards, when i try to use the erosion feature ( with the ADD-Operation of course ), it simply raises my noised terrain even more instead of applying erosion.

Checkbox at erosion is checked. Add is on LMB.

Rob Van Den Berg (thudge) 10.03.2017 08:41

I confirm experiencing the same symptoms, also working with GE 7.0.5 64bit. Have checked GE 7.0.0 (64bit) too: doesn't work. However, just also checked GE 6.0.3, working fine there, exactly how one would expect after viewing Video Tutorial Chapter 5.

This feature seems to have been broken.

Björn Weber (EberOx) 13.04.2017 19:08
GE 7.1.0 has the same smptoms. I hope it gets fixed soon - it sound like a very good tool for the terrain editing.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.04.2017 07:16

the problem could be reproduced. I will forward the problem internally.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.04.2017 11:57

the problem will be fixed for FS19.
So, thanks for pointing out that bug and sorry that we can't fix it earlier.

Hope you can enjoy map moding nonetheless.


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