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Fs17 Gaint Editor Lights Copy Paste 24h light´s on

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Created30.03.2017 16:04

Daniel Böhm (Unknown) 30.03.2017 16:04

i try to add more lights at my custom map. The default map lights from sosnovka works perfectly! I start copy and paste one of the default smlLamp. If i log in at my custom game. I could see the lamp, but its always shining. The original map lamps start shining on something like 21:00. How can i set the option for all additionally integrated lamps?

Thx for Help!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.03.2017 06:42

as long as you keep the transformGroup "smlLamp" with all its childs inside the group "worldLights" everything should work.

So, the trick is to have an object which is set visible or invisble.
This object is the transformgroup "worldLights".

Now, you either keep all lights within that group or you create additional groups with the following user attribute:
type: scriptCallback
name: onCreate
value: Nightlight2.onCreate


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