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Error while loading i3d file

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Created15.04.2017 18:40

Danilo Latina (Unknown) 20.04.2017 07:51
But I have a problem when I create a sketchup model not so complex after I export it to dae. To blend the amount ebpoi i export it to i3d. But when I open the i3d file. Of the giants the program crashes.
Sorry but I'm translating from italian to english please help me

Danilo Latina (Unknown) 20.04.2017 22:34
I noticed that when I create the sketchup model above the 147KB and the amount on the blender then export it to the giants it locks, instead when the model is below or equal to 147KB giants it does not create any problem I tried with all versions of the giants but The problem persists please help me can not create templates for my map

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.04.2017 07:16

please think about if you could use a student version of Autodesk Maya.
Internally we only use Maya to export stuff to i3d.
So our exporter works best with Maya.


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