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Need help with adding extra storage like gcv

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Created28.04.2017 17:00

Richard Zwemmer (LSNextGeneration) 28.04.2017 17:16
Alright here we go, i need help with adding storage to my map i cant figure it out!
You can add extra storage to your map just like GoldCrestValley.

I first export the storage from the gcv map and added to my map.
Then i removed the SiloTrainTriggerIn and the SiloTrainTriggerOut because i do not need the train silos.


Then i changed the xmlFile path to maps/map01.xml


I did not change anything of the storage user attributes.


And i did not change anything of the siloTrailerTriggerOut.


Then i added the index ''TRAIN_STATION_1_TRAILER_IN'' to the map01.xml

But i cant get it to work this is whats in the log.xml

''Could not add storage 'Storage' to tip trigger
Could not add storage 'Storage' to silo trigger''

I hope someone can help me with this.

Kind regards, Richard

Tony Price (brownthumb) 29.04.2017 00:10
i had that problem recently, i had 2 diff silo's sitting to close to one another. once i put some distance between them the warning did not happen again.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 29.04.2017 00:55
you didn't have to use such a long name in the index, you can use whatever name you choose as long as it matches in both trigger and xml file.
You need to check your station name tho, one in trigger doesn't match one in xml file.
hope i was able to help.

Richard Zwemmer (LSNextGeneration) 29.04.2017 14:41
Thanks guys i got it to work now! The tranform group need to be near the triggers i got it at the center of the map, now its between the in and out trigger and now it worked fine! I also changed the index now ;) Thanks for your help! Cheers Richard

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