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Created07.05.2017 14:53

Ron Valk (Unknown) 07.05.2017 14:59
I got this working for my gate.

<input name="input_doorOpen" category="ONFOOT" key1="" key2="" device="0" button="BUTTON_3" mouse="MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT"

But i need to get out of my car to open te gate.
So i need to change ONFOOT into something else, thats for sure, lol
But i wanne create that it will open when im onfoot but also in any vehicle.

And if possible, i would like that it automatily closes after i passed the gate.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.05.2017 21:09
Beneath category="ONFOOT" there's also "VEHICLE" or combined "ONFOOT VEHICLE".
But most probably the door trigger (collision mask) is set to player (on foot) only. You had to change this also (in i3d).

For closing automatically you had to rework the appropriate LUA script.

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