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pda map for 4x map

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Created29.05.2017 10:04

Tony Price (brownthumb) 29.05.2017 10:04
how does one make a pda map for a 4x map?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.05.2017 06:53

in the same way you do it for a normal map?
There are at least thre options.

a) place camera manually on sveeral positions, take screenshots and merge them

b) use a built in script of the editor to take the screenshots, but merging of images has to be done manually
Menu -> Scripts -> Map -> Create Map Overview
Note: You need to hit the 'run' button to make that script work and adjust the script to your needs (map dimensions etc.)

c) use the terrain files to create an 'artifical' representation of your map with an image editing program


Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 31.05.2017 11:34
create a camera

name it mapCamera

set the Y translate to 2000

set the X roatation axis to -90

switch to the camera by right clicking - camera - mapCamera

Print screen

Open up screenshot in Photoshop or etc cut bits you dont need

save as

Tony Price (brownthumb) 31.05.2017 13:41
Hi guys, thanks for your input, i wanted a 4x map based on the Sosnovka map, mostly because of the terrain and grass, couldn't find one anywhere
so i made one, the map worked perfect when i finished, no problems on the outside edges of the map, map is holding together like it should. i used the above mentioned ways to make pda map but couldn't get the little map in corner to sync with the big map in overview, i came up with this solution, i used Frazer's recipe above, which i alway's use for normal map, set y translate to 4000 (you can't see whole map at 2000) took screen shot went to and set it up for normal map, 2048x2048 saved and put in map, then i went into map02 xml file and changed this line.
<ingameMap filename="maps/map02_pda_H.png" width="2048" height="2048" />. to look like this.
<ingameMap filename="maps/map02_pda_H.png" width="4096" height="4096" />. works perfect, now i will always know where i

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