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Problem with door triggers

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Created30.05.2017 02:45

Brandt Sarver (Unknown) 30.05.2017 02:45
I imported a shed from one map onto the goldcrest basic map, I tried everything and changed the moddesc.xml but its still not working, the shed is in the game but no matter what I do the doors wont open in game, I cannot get the triggers to work in game but it shows they are there in the editor and I have tried to do edit the moddesc.xml accordingly, please help, let me know if you need to see the moddesc.xml or anything that will help you help me

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.05.2017 07:04

first thing to do in such cases is to check the log.txt of the game for errors and warnings.

Depending on what script you use for the doors there might some more things to do.
Assuming you use the AnimatedObject.lua - you also need an xmlFile, which defines the actual animations of the objects.


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