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Select objects in area?

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Created02.07.2017 00:35

Thomas A. (thediabl0) 02.07.2017 00:35
Hi, is possible delete a group of objects with selection drag and drop in map windows?

Rob Van Den Berg (thudge) 02.07.2017 11:30
Hi Thomas

If you already have a group of objects, then go ahead and delete the group.


Thomas A. (thediabl0) 02.07.2017 18:55
Hi Rob,

Yes, I know this, but is more fast a selection with left click drag and drop for select and delete, is a feature very valuable, I don't understand why it is not implemented. Giants editor is very slow in selecting individual objects.

A greeting

Rob Van Den Berg (thudge) 02.07.2017 20:36
Hi Thomas,

So I suppose you mentioned 'drop' and 'delete' only to point out what you'd like to do AFTER creating the selection? And you'd like to create the selection by dragging you mouse in the 3D viewport, hoping some sort of bounding box would show up and each object located within that bounding box would be added to the selection... Nope, such a feature has not been implemented.

However, it's often the case that the object one would like to select are similar objects, grouped together under the same transform group as seen in the Scenegraph, and even listed sequentially in that same group. Selecting the top targeted object in the transform group's children, followed by shift-selecting the bottom targeted object in the group, is what I would recommend. For multiple selection, the Scenegraph is much better suited.

Now for the drag and drop part...If you would like to move the selected objects to another transform group, you can't use "drag and drop", but instead you would use Cut (CTRL-X) and paste (CTRL-V) in the Scenegraph.

Hope that answers your question.


Thomas A. (thediabl0) 03.07.2017 19:20
Nope, if you would like to move the selected objects to another transform group use CTRL+G.

I said that is a good feature for Giants Editor for the next version, because is very difficult select objects in scenegraph, how trees...

A greeting.

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