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Converting .PNG to .gdm

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Created13.07.2017 15:43

Marcus Sletten (Unknown) 13.07.2017 15:43

When i delete fruit_density.gdm and have fruit_density.png in map01 folder the game wont create new fruit_density.gdm from fruit_density.png, it just creats a blank one?

Can someone help

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 13.07.2017 17:40
Open the map in GE, then press Save.

Marcus Sletten (Unknown) 13.07.2017 18:38
It just creats a blank .gdm

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 08:47

maybe your fruit_density.png has an incompatible format?
Please double check any eventual error message during the map loading, when you have no .gdm file.


Wesley Campbell (Wesley) 26.08.2019 00:04
how do i convert a gdm to png??, or does anyone know the grass color code??

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.08.2019 00:48
For converting GDM to PNG use the GRLE Converter (see Downloads).
The RGB color codes for fruits are not fixed, they may differ depending on map.

Ronni Adler (sushidelic) 04.11.2019 12:53
I also have the problem that the Color values ​​when using the PNG then generate other plants on the map than they were before (on the same Map) Where grass was then oats. So the converter is not very useful or I'm doing something wrong. I worked well with it for the FS 17.

Ronni Adler (sushidelic) 04.11.2019 13:35
Oops, most of the time the problem is in front of the screen.
I think I have the PNG file save incorrectly. The color values ​​were slightly changed so this of course could not work. Now it's work ;-)

Brian Smith (bs98765432123) 05.11.2019 16:45
I have the same issue with fruits being wrong, curious how you fixed it?

Ronni Adler (sushidelic) 14.11.2019 16:44
Hello Brian,

Unfortunately I do not speak English so well and have to use Google for it.
First I saved the PNG with a "for web" option. This changed the colors a bit.
Then I saved with my picture editing program directly as PNG, so that the colors are not touched.
I could have noticed that before I wrote here, but maybe it will help you?

best regards

Fred Zanella (fredzaza2) 23.01.2020 22:03
Hi , which program do you use to edit and save the png ?
I tri to edit the " terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm " converted with " grle converter" . but GE don't take my png format

Alex Pupupu (nick1213) 10.02.2021 15:51
I convert fruit_density.gdm with GRLE Converter 7.0.1. I am not making any changes to the file. Immediately in the map01 folder, I replace the fruit_density.gdm file with fruit_density.png. After that GIANTS Editor v8.2.2 cannot open the map. When you try to do this, the program simply closes without messages. Doesn't it seem strange that the company's own utilities don't work with each other? It turns out that you can't edit the fruit_density.gdm file in any way? Do you need this utility GRLE Converter 7.0.1 then?

Alex Pupupu (nick1213) 10.02.2021 15:54

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.02.2021 13:44
With a quick search you could have found your error. It is very often described.
The GE needs the EXACT filename (suffix), in opposite to FS game which accepts mostly both, GDM and PNG.

That means you have to edit in the i3d section <files> "thisFile.gdm" to "thisFile.png". Then the GE accepts the PNG.
After saving the GE has created the *.gdm and you must undo the filename change.

Sascha Lierhaus (Sqeep) 29.03.2023 21:07
Same, after save in Ge, he doesnt create a GDM....

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