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GE Terrain Painting Broken

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Created22.07.2017 03:23

John Doe (Unknown) 22.07.2017 03:23
Hello everyone, so I have watched several videos and some are using outdated GE Clients. The issue I am having is that no matter what radius I set my brush to, the terrain paint remains the same area. Often times I have to drag the mouse OUTSIDE where I want painted for it to paint the area I want painted.

The paint area not changing with the brush has caused many of my paints to look stupid. I.E My fence bordering the parking lot have cement sticking outside the fence into the grass because I cant change the area size being painted. I make my brush smaller and yet the same size area is painted every time.

Am I doing something wrong or is this editor broken?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 08:40

that sounds strange.
I never heard of such a problem.

Well, there is a lower limit for the brush radius.
But except that you should be able to adjust the radius.


Zsolt Gábor Racz (zsoltiracz) 24.07.2017 20:12
Hello guys. I want to edit a map, but when I turn on terrain detail texture painting mode and anything i do will not change anything on the floor. I have already changed all mouse buttons to add but nothing happens as if I did not press a button

I hope the writing was understandable because I translated it from a Hungarian language with a google translator

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