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How to make a placeable object?

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Created15.08.2017 19:12

John Carlson (Methos) 15.08.2017 19:12
I did a search of this forum for the topic of this thread and got over 2,000 hits! Not the best search engine, I think. Anyway, could someone please point me in the right direction for tutorials about making placeable objects in Giants Editor for Farming Simulator 17? I've been experimenting with no success so far, trying simple things like fences (comparing static GE objects with downloadable placeable fences). Obviously I'm missing something because they're not even showing up in my mods list. I've been working on a rather detailed map and placeables are going to play an integral part in it so, I need to learn how to make them.


John Carlson (Methos) 15.08.2017 22:51
Actually, I managed to find a tutorial, the ONLY tutorial I could find anywhere and, it's in French. Ugh! I haven't spoken French since High School! Lol But it was done so well that I was able to follow it and it works!!!

So for anyone who might find this, here's a link to the video:

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 21.08.2017 04:04
I found this video to be be helpful

Good Luck!

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