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Cannot plow/cultivate custom field

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Created06.11.2017 00:34

Jonathan Monks (Unknown) 06.11.2017 00:34
So I have made a custom field in GE which has terrain type of 'roughdirt' set and a fully grown 'wheat' foliage layer on top.

In-game it works fine in that I can harvest the pre-grown wheat via a harvester.
However, the harvested field will not cultivate or plow when driven over with a tractor and cultivator/ remains looking like it's been harvested (rough dirt with small bits of wheat debris).

I'm assuming i've set something wrong in GE, but im not sure what.

Any help would be appreciated!

Jonathan Monks (Unknown) 06.11.2017 02:01
Think I've resolved it.

Although I had the texture of 'roughDirt' painted, the field looked like it does if you paint it with TerrainDetail of '3' (seeded)...soon as I first painted over the field with terraindetail of '0' (cultivated), and then the wheat on top of that, the field works as intended.

I was able to harvest, then cultivate and reseed which I couldn't before.

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