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Broken Update?

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Created04.12.2017 04:57

Alexzander Evans (Unknown) 04.12.2017 04:57
Any time i edit a map and save it then try to play it again the game crashes while trying to load. i dont get any errors in the log. I tried just moving a tree and it did the same thing.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 08.12.2017 18:32
If it started after the lasest update itcould be because they add sugarCane as a standered fruitType and if you have a multiFruit map they might be to many tip to ground you woud have to make one or more of your new friutTypes not have a tip to ground in your modDesc. change hasHeap to"false" and see if that fixes it,had this problem after update i removed tip to ground on all my new grain fruitTypes.

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