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need Help on LUA Sack

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Created17.12.2017 04:06

William Rowe (Bonger76) 17.12.2017 04:06
I dont know what i did getting this now when i save game dosent seem to effect anything ,

Warning (LUA): 'setXMLString': Argument 2 has wrong type. Expected: String. Actual: Number
..\..\..\src\base\scripting\lua\LuaScriptSystem.cpp (600): expectedType == Value::VoidType || expectedType == Value::FloatType || expectedType == Value::IntType
LUA call stack:
dataS/scripts/FSCareerMissionInfo.lua (507) : setXMLString
dataS/scripts/gui/CareerScreen.lua (784) : saveToXML
=[C] (4294967295)
dataS/scripts/gui/CareerScreen.lua (909) : saveWriteSavegameStart
dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua (404) : saveSavegame
dataS/scripts/gui/InGameMenu.lua (1007) : saveSavegame
dataS/scripts/gui/elements/Gui.lua (306) : update
dataS/scripts/main.lua (1915) : update


William Rowe (Bonger76) 18.12.2017 18:49
Figured it out it was the additionmapType in my modDesc. i added rice to the map and for the straw i whanted it to be grass instead of straw got it to work but when i save get that LUA call stack,it saved ok but it did something to the field missions when you go up to thefield and pushed the R key
you just get A zeroed out clock on the screen you have to back away and try again then it worked ,mabey the only way to get this to work is to remove the field misssions from the map it's a 4X map and some of the fields would take 6 Hours to harvest with one combine,I like the missions mod
better in FS15 because you could do all the work with your own equipment.

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