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Created11.12.2010 11:02

Tex Jansson (Unknown) 11.12.2010 11:02
I cant start GE 4.1.7? dose anybody knew what´s wrong? It just says this "Can´t load xml config file: C:/Users/Tex/AppData/Local/GIANTS Editor 4.1.7/editor.xml ?
I have reinstall it about 4 times and it dont works eiter. It makes me crazy :s I´m using a older version now and it can´t open all i3d files :s so i hope somebody can help.
Very grateful for help

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 11.12.2010 13:18
here's what I did everything under this;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>

select all and delete and save. Start editor, you should get a dialog box stating;

The editor.xml in the bin path is newer than the editor.xml in the profile path

Do you want to replace the profile editor.xml with the editor.xml in the bin directory?

Select yes and it should start.

At least that fixed it for me, it may or may not work for you.

Tex Jansson (Unknown) 11.12.2010 16:58
where can i find that codes? thanks for fast help

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 11.12.2010 22:00
You can find the xml file in

c:\Program Files(x86)\GIANTS software\GIANTS_Editor_4.1.7you'll see editor.xml <--if you are running a x64 OS,

if not it's just c:\Program Files\GIANTS software\GIANTS_Editor_4.1.7.

You don't have to worry about putting something back into the xml file, since it will automatically fix it for you. And it will replace the editor/xml in your appdata/local/GIANTS Editor 4.1.7

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 12.12.2010 07:58
You can also reach me on the ls-uk forums as Sniper214

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