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How to expand a 4x map to a 16x map

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Created01.04.2018 23:23

Keegan Leach (keeganleach) 01.04.2018 23:23
I am looking for a tutorial that can help me make my current map bigger.

Timo Hmann (timohmann) 19.05.2018 11:16
An 16x Map makes no sense. Stay with your 4x Map

Gaby Gabby (Gaby18) 29.07.2018 22:17

See my last post here:

16x map tutorial:


I now have a working 16x map with a fixed sky and the foliage paint that works beyond the 4x line right to the edges of the map by following the following procedure below: remember you need GIMP and GRLE converter to make this work right, when resizing the png(s) export using 8-bit, don't use paintshed. For the PDA file use only for this file.

Software Needed:
Gaints Editor V7.10
GRLE Converter
GIMP (Only to resize PDA Map)

Use a sample map

Steps below:

1. Set all the weight.png(s) to size 4096x4096.
2. Set all density.gdm(s) to size 16384x16384 after converting to png (delete the existing gdm(s).
3. Set the map dem to 4097x4097, (not to 4096) !!!.
4. Set infoLayer.grle to 4096x4096 after converting to png (delete the existing grle).
5. Set the tipColInfoLayer.grle to 8192x8192 after converting to png (delete the existing grle).
6. Set PDA map to 8192x8192 save as .dds file and also map01.xml set PDA to 8192x8192.
7. Next step is to fix the blocky edges around the terrainDetail: Right click the map01.i3d file and open with notepad++, look for this line in your map01.i3d file:

<TerrainTransformGroup name="terrain" static="true" collisionMask="524255" nodeId="1530" heightMapId="1" patchSize="65" maxLODDistance="1000" heightScale="255" unitsPerPixel="2" lodBlendStart="200" lodBlendEnd="300" lodTextureSize="1024" lodBlendStartDynamic="50" lodBlendEndDynamic="65" materialId="97">

And increase the "lodTextureSize" to 8192

Finally save file.

8. Open your map.i3d file with Gaints Editor do nothing only click on save then
wait and than close the Gaints Editor.

9. Open again your map01.i3d file with Gaints Editor and make the script below and name your script same as the map name then copy and paste script below:

setAudioCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16);
setLightCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16);
setShapeCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 64);

save and execute it .

(Remember every time you open your map01.i3d file in the Gaints Editor always run the above script you have created from the scripts menu > name of script then you can edit your map).

10. To fix or create a new i3d.colMap.grle you can do that through the Gaints Editor V7.10 by creating/using the script already integrated through the Gaints Editor from the scripts menu, that will create a new i3d.colMap.grle file, wait then save and exit GE, then delete the existing i3d.colMap.grle and png.

(You can also use grle converter to convert i3d.colMap.grle to png and then set right size in GIMP to 16384x16384 then export as 8-bit png then place the file in the maps folder then run GE then run the script for i3d.colMap.grle from the scripts menu that will create a new i3d.colMap.grle file then finally save then delete the existing one.

11. To fix the sky problem in a 16x map in farming simulator 17,

A) Download the sky fix from FET3D Mega Map Productions here:

B) Drag N Drop the files out of the into:

YOUR SKY FOLDER AT C:/Program Files/Farming Simulator 2017/data/sky

You want to add these files to your sky folder in the C: drive or whatever drive you have FS17 installed on

C) Go into the maps folder and open environment.xml and rename sky file to
sky_day_night_4Fach.i3d and click save, see below:

go to your map01_environment.xml and find this line <environment filename="$data/sky/skyUS_day_night.i3d" dayNightCycle="true" startHour="8" allowRain="true" autoRain="true" sunHeightAngle="-70">

Change it to

<environment filename="PUT sky/THE NAME OF THE SKY i3d (so mine looks like "sky/Sky_day_night_4fach.i3d"" dayNightCycle="true" startHour="8" allowRain="true" autoRain="true" sunHeightAngle="-70">

Save and that's you done.

12. Test the PDA in game make sure it works and looks the right size by driving from the centre to all 4 edges of the map and check the sky in game.

13. Test the foliage paint in GE.

14. You can now start building your map your way in Gaints Editor ( remember to activate the script as mentioned in step 9).

(If you want to add worldbounds to your map, you can always create one in blender or use one from a another map, just scale it to the right size in GE and save).

Updated at 23:00 PDA settings info updated to 8192x8192 both for PDA file and map01.xml file

James Cooper (JCOOPER) 27.12.2019 02:54
I'm currently working on a 16x map for FS19, I have the real terrain done and a lot of the roads are in but I just wanted to double check the grle sizes what is the proper file size for a 16x map for



I just want to make sure I have the map built right before I sink a lot of time into this.
Thank you,

Ravlie 29.12.2019 01:03
This is cutted from seasons manual:
"Note that when a map does not have a Seasons mask, the tipCol layer will be used as a fallback (this is new in Seasons 19)."

Both files xxx_farmland and tipCol uses original files which are saved as:
Version 1
1 image channel

So I assume for 16x sized map it will be 8192x8192

As well as it also says:
"Tip: To improve the precision in which you can draw your mask, you can convert the GRLE file you created to a PNG file using the grleConverter on GDN. Then resize that file to 2048x2048."

So, it could as well be 16384x16384 but is there any point in doing so I have no idea.

Anton Vdberg (antonsmily) 19.02.2020 10:13
i wanted to know how to change map from 4x4 to a 64x64 map can you please help

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