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Export Function in GE8.0 not working correctly

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Created19.11.2018 14:03

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 19.11.2018 14:03
Just installed the new GE8.0 and figured out that the export isn't working correctly. I opend Felsbrunn and if I choose "Export Selection with Files" the object isn't exported with files, just the i3d and shape files. In the i3d file the files are linked with the original Installation path of the game.

Hope this has already been fixed with the release of the game tomorrow.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.11.2018 16:48
I'd assume, you have answered the query "do you want to get the parent directory structure" with YES.
In this case the GE uses the pathes of the original.
This was also in earlier GEs.

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 19.11.2018 17:29
No, thats not correct. It doesnt use the installation directory, but the directory structure. In both cases ALL files are copied, and not only i3d and shape.

David Brown (mrscsi) 20.11.2018 01:11

David Brown (mrscsi) 20.11.2018 01:12
Tried it both ways and topace8888 is right

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.11.2018 02:59
Well, I don't know exactly about the GE8.

But in GE7 (and earlier) "use parent directory structure" the files were exported in a different order/hierarchy and possibly with different filepathes in <File fileId=".." filename=".." >
Load the .i3d into a text editor and see the difference.

So it can happen, that a texture like "" is named
<File .. filename="textures/" .. > without parent
- or -
<File .. filename="E:/myMod/textures/" .. > with parent
depending on whatever the GE assumes to be "parent directory".

Anyway, to go sure always answer "use parent directory structure?" with NO.

Steve Dey (Unknown) 20.11.2018 11:56
I cant seem to export a tractor and have it show in game with a power edit using create new mod

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 20.11.2018 16:13
@BBeutlin: I understand what you mean. but neither way the .dds and .XML -files are exported.

Here is an example of one of my prefabs:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

<i3D name="untitled" version="1.6" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
<Export program="GIANTS Editor 64bit" version="8.0.0"/>

<File fileId="2" filename="../../../../My FS 17 Mods/Prefabs/Gebauede/OW_Brauerei_prefab/maps/textures//terrain/"/>
<File fileId="7" filename="../../../../My FS 17 Mods/Prefabs/Gebauede/OW_Brauerei_prefab/maps/textures/"/>
<File fileId="18" filename="../../../../My FS 17 Mods/Prefabs/Gebauede/OW_Brauerei_prefab/maps/textures/"/>
<File fileId="17" filename="../../../../My FS 17 Mods/Prefabs/Gebauede/OW_Brauerei_prefab/maps/textures/"/>
<File fileId="10" filename="../../../../My FS 17 Mods/Prefabs/Gebauede/OW_Brauerei_prefab/maps/textures/"/>

And this is an export from the map "Felsbrunn":

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

<i3D name="farmSiloLarge" version="1.6" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
<Export program="GIANTS Editor 64bit" version="8.0.0"/>

<File fileId="17" filename="$data/maps/textures/shared/"/>
<File fileId="18" filename="$data/maps/textures/shared/"/>
<File fileId="19" filename="$data/maps/textures/shared/"/>
<File fileId="10" filename="$data/maps/textures/shared/"/>
<File fileId="6" filename="$data/maps/textures/shared/"/>

In the export folder i only can find the .i3d and .shapes files, ALLTGOUGH i said "export with files" and no "parent directory structure". All other files stay in the parent folder.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.11.2018 20:18
Such kind of filename="../../../../modDir/" or even with absolute pathes I had also in GE7, when I exported accidentally with "parent dir struct" YES.

The style filename="$data/maps/.." is a new method.
I assume it's coming from discussions to reduce map size, if the stuff is already present in game datas. Upto GE7 filenames in the style "$data/.." were not accepted by GE, however by the game.

Perhaps this issue is still "under construction"? At least a switch was useful to use game datas or not.

Well, I got my copy of FS19 today and will fiddle around with the GE8 in spare time.

Rylan Givens (rylan) 21.11.2018 21:19
Look at some of the new "empty start maps".. They also have the $data and they work fine.. I think its a way to save space and skip the need for a lot of duplicated files for no reason..

I dont know, but thats what im thinking anyway..

R Harris (Rambow145) 21.11.2018 21:44
sounds like tons are going to be missing textures and have a lag filled gameplay.. not everyone is going to have the same mods, can't use the same paths if you don't have the other mods the files are using off. one guy likes fords but never uses Chevy's and just about all the fords are using textures from the Chevy mods, well now we have white fords and missing files filling up the log.

Something sounds broken to me.

Rylan Givens (rylan) 21.11.2018 22:25
All the $data is doing is telling the editor/game to look at the core game install path and find the files..

And it sounds like youve had a badly made ford/chevy mod before ;)

I dont think its broken, i like it and im glad that they finally made it work like this.. It will bring down map sizes down which is nice..

R Harris (Rambow145) 21.11.2018 23:20
…………….k whatever

Rylan Givens (rylan) 21.11.2018 23:30
Then let us know whats so broken? Stating that a ford/chevy mod is gonna be broken because they modder cant figure it out, wouldnt really make a difference, be it GE8 or prior versions.. If they cant do path checking etc, then its gonna be a badly made mod anyway..
So i cant really see why you get that mardy about it..

R Harris (Rambow145) 21.11.2018 23:47
@Rylan Givens you can't add modded files to the in game files, Do not modify any files here. The multiplayer will not work anymore

I have had the game from the 14th so I know a little about things.

you can't just go an hope you can find the files in the mod that would take so long and then missing files would break the paths and things then you have some that will start over if your new at the modding because no new modder coder will know things about the i3d and how to fix some paths when missing in the editor.

it's not working it will be updated, don't worry guys.

Good day to you all

Rylan Givens (rylan) 22.11.2018 00:50
I never said you had to add or modify the base files. What i told you was that the $data is the base game dir where it will then start looking for the paths it needs.

Just because you have a white wheel or tractor due to a fail, doesnt have to be a missing path in the mod, its most of the time just a missing texture file or a uncorrected path..

Ive been making maps since FS13, so no im not new to modding, but thanks anyway ;)
It works as of right now, so i dont see why you need to be mardy because they change how things works.

As to those who wants to edit the "land" you need to buy, its the mapDE_farmland.grle or mapUS_farmland.grle, depending on what map youve used to build from.

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 22.11.2018 13:55
If export isn't working correctly using export with all files, then you need to use New Mod from Game under file menu.

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 22.11.2018 18:40
Thats working neither, no additional files, just .i3d and .shapes. But im beginning to assume that it is working like Giants wants the export function to work because even in the .XML files from the placeables this structure is used with $data.

Martin Night (Unknown) 22.11.2018 22:44
Exporting works perfectly fine.You can use mod from the game or 2.export object with files.In both cases no problem at all.I try it at tested in so many times.Giants editor 8 working fine.It's very important if you use the option exporting with files,you never choose the parent directory structure because it can cause you a missing game files.And if you are editing mod from the game and export it that way you must publish mod with all options seting corectly otherwise mod wouldn't show in the game.
Personaly i convert at least 10 vehicles from the FS 19 main game,and many objects for my own personal use and i dint find any problems with them.All textures are in place,no missing shaders and they working in the game great.Logs are clean.And like all people here said previosly,many mods doesnt work cause they creators failed to export them or port properly,not because editor is bugged.
And one last thing if you port any tree,bush,any kind of nature stuff,objects or vehicles from a previosly FS games you must always keep an eye on shaders and update them as needed.For example FS 17 use version 3. shaders and FS 19 version 4. shaders.
If you dont update them properly you would get missing textures and parts of the models,or object doesn't show up at all.
That's about it.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.11.2018 23:06
How about your editor log or console output? Are there errors "failed to open .." or "can't load .."?
In this case most probably the game install path is unknown to editor (missing registry entries from install).
Look into File -> Preferences -> General, is there the correct game path?
Case no, register the game install path.
If this doesn't work, then re-install game and editor with full admin. rights (right click on setup -> run as administrator).

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 24.11.2018 10:41
Log and console are both error free. The game path is set up correctly. I will try an reinstall it later.

Btw, I have the same problem with "New Mod From Game". The mod is created, but without textures files.

Martin Night (Unknown) 24.11.2018 11:01
I would suggest that you should ask someone who is good in the moding field to teach you how to do it.We all try to help you but it's impossible if we can't see files and settings on your computer.You need to learn from someone,like your friend or something,people who usually can go in your house and teach you.
If you wanna learn to mod FS it's a very slow process,you can't just jump in and expect miracles.
I know it sounds like harsh but that's the true.
Im doing this for almost 5 years and still learning new things about editor,engine and the modding.

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 25.11.2018 01:21
I assume you didnt understand my problem. I dont need help in modding, I am no noob in that. The fact is, in GE7 I choose Export with files and everything is exported (including shaders, textures, sounds and so on). The GE8 does this NOT. Just the .i3d and .shapes. I dont knowm how often I have to clarify that. And no, the parent directory structure has nothing to do with this error, it is just an option where to put the files.

To be more precise, there are three export functions in GE (despite from "New Mod From Game")

1.) Export All With Files...
2.) Export Selection...
3.) Export Selection With Files...

They all do the same but function 1 and 3 WITHOUT files. And it doesnt matter which file I open. I have the problem with every mod or map or model or whatever.

Rylan Givens (rylan) 25.11.2018 02:56
As said before, i still think this is the way its supposed to work Or at least i hope as i like it.

You now dont have to worry about multiple samples of the same texture, because the editor sets the paths for its own..

Ie, open one of the maps, export something to your own map folder and then open it.. You will have a fully working whatever you exported, with no worries to messing up the path as its calling farm sims install dir and takes the files from there which is what the $data means..

As i havent done any vehicles or stuff like that, i cant say, but for mapping, this is very very nice..

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.11.2018 03:15
Well, it IS a nice feature if you really have immovable datas like the game install. That saves lot of space in contrary to methods where all files are copied.

But if you use mods as source, like eg. from the just released map "Estancia Lapacho", you're lost if the location of this source has changed. In this case that is a very bad idea. It requires urgently a switch "COPY ALL FILES".

William Rowe (Bonger76) 25.11.2018 03:23
I'm with TopAce8888 the export should export all the files needed ,if your converting a map the easyest way is to export your map transfomGroups
into a blank starter map,to manualy move all files need is crazy work,and when you get done with map it is a good way to clean out all the things you dont need, stuff that you didnt use by exporting all tranformGroups to empty FS19_map/maps folder to reduce map size.

Rylan if all your dds have the $data then you just editing giants map, none of my mapi3d files load anything with $data because none of my dds are in the game folders thier might be some but if it does not effect the map size just easier to load from map

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.11.2018 04:15
Perhaps it's intended?
Rookie modders should use the default datas.
Anyway experienced modders are able to copy required files and adapt pathes.
*g* just a thought.

Indeed the GE is a "waste product" from developer requirements. They simply have no need to think about dislocated folders others than the game install.

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 05.12.2018 23:32
Same issue in GE8.1 with one Change: Using the "Create New Mod From Game" function no files are copied either but after saving the new mod all files are copied to the new Directory. Sadly, this doesnt work with exporting files.

Jason Lane (jalane) 06.12.2018 01:09
The only files in the game folder should be your map folder containing weight and density files and then any addons folders. Giants requires that basic shaders like terrain and ground shaders reside in the main game directory now. This feature is meant to save space in map folders. Fs19 is trying to make maps easier.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 15.12.2018 04:16
Good thread and I'm solving most issues, so far, by linking as little as possible back to the install "$Data" directory. Using Notepad++, I merely find and replace all critical links back to the map itself which, so far, seems to be working well. Look at the Estancial Laapacho conversion, and you'll see what I mean. Yes, in FS17/GE7, when you export with files and parent directory everything you need and don't need is copied over, but FS19, thank goodness, is allowing everything to be referenced in the map.

David Brown (mrscsi) 15.12.2018 16:25
Well I think what a lot of people are a little miffed at is the fact that with 17 we could build maps and when you import certain items with files it would move the image files over along with the ID3 and shape and then you can import that into your new map and all the paths would be correct and then when you are done with your map you do the export all with files into a new directory is selected. Directories and that will strain your map and allow you to get rid of all the ID3 and shapes from your asset imports…

That's apparently gone at this point, because even simple objects seem to retain their original locations and paths. And if your object only has one or two maps and you know were they are at, that's cool but if your asset is a building complex with 15 maps over six different directories that could get rather confusing to attempt to move them into the new map after importing the assets and make it all work, because as others have said it makes no sense for me create a map with assets off of a map on my USB drive and have all the image locations point back to my USB drive and try to give that mod map to the public it just doesn't work.

One workaround I am exploring as far as the recycling stuff out of some FS 17 maps is actually going in with 7.01 and exporting individual assets with files into their own directories so that they are sort of self-contained, at least I know where all the image maps are anyway doing it that way

But there's no way in hell when I can think of that they intend this to be the new normal

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