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Converting FS 17 Maps to FS 19

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Created20.11.2018 11:23

Martin Night (Unknown) 20.11.2018 11:23
Hello to everyone,i wanna ask just one question for now,is it possible to convert farming simulator 17 maps to FS19?,and if it is,what is the best approach.I'm pretty experiencied modder,but so far im lost.I notice that new DEM file looks complitely different from old DEM,so now im very confused.I have my old maps that i would like to convert to FS 19 to play and enyoy in the new engine.Giants done great jobe,and im very pleased with the game overall.
If someone now how to convert the maps i would appreciate to share with me.
Thanks in advance.

Falk Postler (FalPos) 20.11.2018 16:01
Du kannst die alte dem-Datei problemlos verwenden. Der neue GE wandelt diese in ein Graustufenbild um. Ich habe mein altes Gelände schon drin. Du musst sie nur entsprechend umbenennen.

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 20.11.2018 16:20
Ist working like Falk Postler mentioned.

- I exported the Felsbrunn-Map,
- deleted everything I didn't need,
- copied the old map01_dem.png into the exported map
- deleted the original DEM-file
- renamed the old file to mapDE_dem and reloaded the map in GE

With These steps I imported my old terrain in the new map. You now have to import all the other stuff from your old map

Martin Night (Unknown) 20.11.2018 16:28
Thank you very much guys!
I just try this method and it's working perfectly.

Lirika Tblisi (FiCR7) 20.11.2018 19:37
which files you deleted?

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 20.11.2018 20:51
mapDE_dem.png or mapUS_dem.png

Dee Hunter (arcticice) 21.11.2018 06:26
has anyone found out how to place where you buy the plots of land?

Dee Hunter (arcticice) 21.11.2018 06:26
has anyone found out how to place where you buy the plots of land?

Martin Night (Unknown) 21.11.2018 19:30
It is posible to convert terrain of FS 17 map to FS 19,but that's about it.No matter what i try and which solution i failed to port cultivator density and fruit density of the old map.You can port terrain and after that you are stuck,because it's almost imposible to do fields and other stuff to be close as original map.If someone success in that i would like to hear which methods did he use for cultivator density and fruit density.
Porting FS 15 maps to FS 17 was easier,cause you can use GRLE converter,convert GRLE files to PNG files and after that you let the editor to do the rest.This method doesn't work anymore.
And about that your questiion Dee Hunter,i would also like to know how to use new info layer which i suppose sets the prices for the farmland.
If someone know how to use this layer and which chanels are for what i would be very grateful if he posts informations.
This is complitely new engine and we must educate ourselfes how to use new editor,so far there is no any other source of information about this topic.

Rylan Givens (rylan) 21.11.2018 21:04
Hello Martin.

Doing the .gdm files is just like the .grle conversion, just make a copy of the grle conversion folder you use, edit the globalConvert.bat so it says:

for %%f in (*.gdm) do (
CALL grleConverter.exe %%~nf.gdm -out %%~nf.png

This will give you the .png files for the files you need and its possible to continue from there :)
IF NOT, then jlet me know and we can talk about it as ive done it for my 4x map..


Rylan Givens (rylan) 22.11.2018 00:51
To those who wants to edit the "land" you need to buy, its the mapDE_farmland.grle or mapUS_farmland.grle, depending on what map youve used to build from.

Martin Night (Unknown) 22.11.2018 09:07
Yea Rylan i know that,and that is not a problem im talking about.GRLE converter can convert also GDM files,but after you convert them there is a problem with new editor.If you put the PNG files and delete the GDM files editor wont convert cultivator density,or even fruit density into new GDM files.This is usually works perfectly at least for FS 15 and FS 17 maps,but for FS 19 just wont work properly.I suspect that the problem maybe lies in different color grading,but im not sure.People from giants are only who knows actually how you can pass this stage and properly convert this files.
I know all that cause i try it for many times and failed.You can convert terrain GDM without the problem but not the cultivator density or fruit density files.And i do modding for almost 5 years so im very familiar with that what im doing.
Thanks for answer anyway.

Ander Ss (anderrios) 22.11.2018 13:39
Hello everyone, first ask forgiveness for my English.

I will explain my experience these days with Giants 8.0 and the conversion of a map

· First problem the terrain, as they commented when replacing by the new shaders and configuring the routes was solved.

· Then another problem is that I have to paint all the textures of soil, since each soil textures are actually 4 textures (4 directions), and they are 4 files per texture ... (asphalt01_weight.png, asphalt02_weight.png, asphalt03_weight.png, asphalt04_weight.png)

· Another problem for me has been the land farmland file. I needed more land and I have increased the channels of this file to 8. To know the id of each land my trick is to open it with photoshop and with the dropper I look at the RGB data of the color in question (see photo)

· We continue with the insertion of animals. I want the map to bring cows, sheep and pigs as in the version of FS17, so I insert them as placeables. In the file "defaultItems.xml" I add all this, the problem is that I have to add "defaultFarmProperty =" false "farmId =" 1 "" or else they do not appear in the map. the problem with this is that they are directly owned by player 1 without having to buy the land where he is ... and in multiplayer could only access the farm number 1

· I have managed to confiure transport missions, I lack the fear of l10n translations that have had to change the format.

Greetings to all

Lirika Tblisi (FiCR7) 24.11.2018 15:08
Hello mate who know how set trigger on fs19 map?

David Brown (mrscsi) 24.11.2018 18:40
Martin is right and to Lirika your guess is as good as anyones. I traced triggers in the only mod map Estancia Lapacho and they APPEAR to be contained in XML files but I see nothing in the map itself attribute wise anyway

Rylan Givens (rylan) 24.11.2018 19:36
It is possible :) Ive done it multiple times so far and i dont have a "problem". You need to alter .gdm to .png in the .i3d file when using a png file, otherwise it wont "read" the file for some reason.

Martin Night (Unknown) 24.11.2018 23:13
Oh i see,thanks Rylan i never thought about that,i would give it a shoot tonight.

UPDATE: I can confirm that this doesn't work.You can rename cultivator_density.gdm to png and there is no change.Editor wont read PNG file or convert it to new GDM file.only think that works i terrain conversion and that's it.

Rylan Givens (rylan) 24.11.2018 23:48
You dont have to rename the file, you need to alter the gdm to png in the maps i3d file..
I know it works, ive done several of them so far :)

Martin Night (Unknown) 25.11.2018 17:13
alter the GDM file hmm,im not really certain what are you talking about.I try it in many different ways,i convert the gdm files to PNG,no luck,i also try to change the names from GDM to PNG in the i3d master file,also no luck,how the hell you manage to convert this?
In FS 17 and FS 15 it was easy,i always convert the gdm files to PNG using converter,copy this files in the blank map and delete the original GDM-s from this blank map,and it's always work perfectly.
GE would always take this filles and just convert them in GDM files,but no luck so far in GE8.
I put the converted GDM files from westbridge hills map in the PNG form and delete GDM files in a blank map and nothing happens.Terrain GDM was converted fine but cultivator_density and fruit_density never convert,or show in the map.
Can you explain this process more clearly??
Im really experienced in this field that's the main reason why im even more frustrated.

Rylan Givens (rylan) 25.11.2018 18:25
Sure :)
- Before i convert the cultivator.gdm, i always draw a line of cultivated "texture" and then color pick that in
- Then when you convert the file, you create a new layer and just fill that with the color you picked before.
- Open your old maps file and "magic select" or "magic wand" the land that is NOT painted as fields, cope that and go to your new maps file and paste it in.
- Now open the maps .i3d file and go to:
<File fileId="???" filename="mapDE/fruit_density.gdm"/>
<File fileId="???" filename="mapDE/cultivator_density.gdm"/>

and change them to png so they look like this:

<File fileId="???" filename="mapDE/fruit_density.png"/>
<File fileId="???" filename="mapDE/cultivator_density.png"/>

- If you dont change it to png, you will get the error in the editor when opening the map and you wont see any changes.
- Now save the map and it will create the new gdm files for you.
- You can leave it to be png as it will read the gdm file no matter if its called png or gdm in the i3d file, just to make editing easier :)

Hope my little swada works, otherwise lets talk over something else so i can show you it :)

Jason Lane (jalane) 01.12.2018 08:16
Is everyone still having trouble converting the terrain weight files from fs17 to fs19?

Jason Lane (jalane) 01.12.2018 08:24

Noah Braun (Noah13) 01.12.2018 15:59
I have one ask to this,J have make ist so but j have one warning :Warning: Farmland-Ids not set for all pixel in farmland-infoLayer!
I don´t now what to do?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.12.2018 17:55
What the message says: you must assign to each farmland info layer an ID in "farmlands.xml".
The ID must match the layer mask. The layer mask is binary and the xml needs the decimal conversion.

Jason Lane (jalane) 01.12.2018 22:33
Converting weight maps from fs17 to fs19 is fairly easy but struggling with fruit density and cultivator density when I paint terrain detail texture and then save map in editor then convert files with gdm converter files are still empty as though the editor isn't writing to the density files anyone else have this problem?

Rylan Givens (rylan) 02.12.2018 00:54
@Jason Lane:
What i did was to find one of the layer types that i liked and then just used that as a replacement for the older files..
ie for fs17 grass weight im using grass2..
When you use a fruit or cultivator density.png file, you need to edit the maps .i3d file to say xxxx_density.png and not xxxx_density.gdm.. Then it will load fine and work as it should..

Jason Lane (jalane) 02.12.2018 01:19
@rylan givens:
Terain textures not a problem I wrote a program to make them for me it derives 4 weight maps out of one. Although I did change the i3d file and still no luck with density files.& I thought the density files would be the easier ones. What version of giants editor are you using. V8.1 seems to have a problem with 4x maps.

Jason Lane (jalane) 02.12.2018 08:07
Fixed my problem with density files

Martin Night (Unknown) 02.12.2018 19:51
Just download new editor 8.1.0,there is no need to convert anything manualy,you can load up old FS17 map and editor would do the rest,converting all weights and GDM files,and it would compile and update shaders to a new version,works like a charm.

Tiago Piloneto (Tiago_Piloneto) 02.12.2018 21:14
I opened my FS17 maps in the new Giants 8.0.1 Beta and the magic did not happen.

Tiago Piloneto (Tiago_Piloneto) 02.12.2018 21:19

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 15.12.2018 04:32

Johan Van Staden (Johanv) 28.12.2018 07:29
Hi All

Reading the above, I'm feeling like a novice when it comes to modding etc.

I did a couple of maps in FS17 for my self by converting some of the loaded maps and so on. I have 2 questions and hopefully you as experts would be able to assist.

1) How to I get a mod (Silio's etc) to work in FS19 if you import them to your map?
2) How do you convert a FS17 map (One I modded for myself to play) to a FS19 map? (Simple version. LOL


Pavel Man (pavelMAN) 07.01.2019 16:22
Hello! what to replace shaders:

-particleSystemShader.xml' has version 3 . Please convert this file to version 4
-carColorShader.xml' has version 3 . Please convert this file to version 4

Adan Meireles Estevez (adan_96) 24.02.2019 21:36
hola buenas estoy empezando en esto de convertir mapas del fs 17 al fs 19 alguien abe como poner los terrenos del mapa fs 17 para el fs 19

Harry Lodge (ridgeandgable) 04.06.2020 12:45
Hi Guys

Is anyone able to convert a FS17 map for me?

Harry Lodge (ridgeandgable) 04.06.2020 12:52
Hi Guys

Is anyone able to convert a FS17 map for me?

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