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GE 8 Create Buyable Land Plots

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Created22.11.2018 02:08

Ethan Bertsch (BoilingPoint22) 22.11.2018 02:08
Hi all, I figured out how to create the buyable land plots. It is in the info layer, you just paint the area with the info channels, Each buyable zone must have its own unique channel and it maps to the farmlands.xml file.

Rylan Givens (rylan) 22.11.2018 04:35
Or if you want to edit the "land" you need to buy in the file itself, its the mapDE_farmland.grle or mapUS_farmland.grle, depending on what map youve used to build from.

Aleksey Potanin (Alex198602) 22.11.2018 06:10
Hi! Suppose the channel 012 how to write in file mapDE_farmlands.xml? This file contains <farmland id= " 47 "price Scale=" 1 "npcName= "NPC_DE_18"/>, and there are no 47 and 18 in the channel

Ormsher Ormsheriukas (Ormsher) 22.11.2018 07:37
First paint all of the different layers of farmland with ge. Load the game and check the console for the missing farmland id's. Then associate when with farmland.xlm

Sergiy Fors (Sergiy) 23.11.2018 21:32
how to convert back PNG to GRLE?

Sergiy Fors (Sergiy) 23.11.2018 22:23
in which file need to draw parts of the map that will be bought?

Rylan Givens (rylan) 24.11.2018 19:29
@ Sergiy:
When you save the map the editor will make png files into grle and gdm files..
And you paint it in the editor using the "infolayer" brush and then selecting farmland under where you select wheat, grass etc.

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