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Giants editor keeps saying "starting"

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Created23.11.2018 01:10

Michael Hansen (mfhansen82) 23.11.2018 01:10
Hi all,

I'm new to both FS modding and Giants editor. I have previously working with GE 7.1.0 without any problems at all, but when I open then version shared in here, GE stalls at "starting" and doesn't go anywhere from there.

I have a relatively old rig. A Core 2 Quad Q9550, 5G ram and a HD 6770 GPU. But it does manage to run FS19 quite well.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.11.2018 03:45
To edit FS19 stuff you need necessarily the GE8.
The GE7 cannot handle the FS19 objects, since there were massive changes since FS17.

If you have the FS19 DVD, the GE8 setup is in folder "sdk".
If you got the game online, wait until the GE8 is released here in GDN.
Though there are some inofficial sources around to download the GE8, you shouldn't use them. They might be not trustworthy, perhaps contain malware.

Beneath I fear, your system doesn't fulfill the minimum requirements to run the GE.

Martin Night (Unknown) 23.11.2018 12:42
You have very old graphic card Michael.Giants editor 8 needs a GPU with at least 2gb of video memory.If you doing editing you need even more,so this HD 6770 GPU is out of the official system requirements,because card have only 1gb of video memory.

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