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Raise View Distance of Layers

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Created01.01.2011 20:52

Manuel Adams (Unknown) 01.01.2011 20:56
Hi guys...

I started to work on a Double Size Map.
Now for better Start i have to remove all Fruits and Terrainlayers, but with current viewdistances it will take days to get them off the Map.

Raising the value in a texteditor don't has any effect in GE.

Why doesn't work this like in LS09?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 03.01.2011 10:01
You also need to increase the blend distances in the material. The value in the foliage layer only specifies how far the geometry is created, the material however specifies how far it actually is visible.

Manuel Adams (Unknown) 03.01.2011 19:22
Thanks for That...

Works Fine...

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