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converting FS17 vehicles to FS19

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Created24.11.2018 21:34

Brandon Filsinger (brandon4449) 24.11.2018 21:34
hey fellas, still kinda new to this but i load my fs17 mod into the 8.0 editor and i figured it was suppose to automatically convert it to fs19 usage like they said it would. i knew i would maybe have to fix the lights and some animations but its just loading in the cab and thats has the wire framing of where the texture is suppose to be but the physical item is not loading in. are we gonna have to build from scratch again or is there something am missing?

GIANTS said this was suppose to be the easiest editor version yet. so far its a pain in my rear.

R Harris (Rambow145) 24.11.2018 22:18
lol I know what you need to do. would help but lambomods would just sell my free help. I know how to just about everything about fs19 modding.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.11.2018 22:24
You thought, loading a FS17 model into editor, a few mouseclicks and the model is FS19-ready? LOL - nice dream.
And where exactly is a Giants' statement for "automatically convert it to fs19 usage" ?? never seen such.

Nevertheless the GE8 has many new features which make editing easier.

btw: why did you need the thread triple?

Brandon Filsinger (brandon4449) 24.11.2018 22:32
i have no idea why it did that. and no i didnt think that. i knew there would be xml files and such that would need to be updated i just dont kno how to do that especially with a mod that has custom fenders and hood. and i was able to do that with 15 to 17 mods. i would mostly had to fix lighting. but this mod i loaded into GE8 only loaded in the cab, no pipes, hood, anything just wire framing. never had that happen before that bad. was just trying to find out how to fix it.

Martin Night (Unknown) 24.11.2018 23:08
You can fix this "Wireframe problem" very easy.Export the old model with GE 8 and after that just update your shaders to version 4.That's it no more wireframe bug.This is easyest part,but converting FS 17 vehichles to FS 19 is much harder,cause scripting was changed.In this early stage and without the lua documentation is very hard to convert anything.

Brandon Filsinger (brandon4449) 25.11.2018 00:44
i figured it was something simple but couldnt think of it, thanks Martin.yea i did more research and was reading more and more about scripting issue with the new graphics engine and among others features. that sucks. ill keep toying with it i guess. am gonna update the shader files and if it doesnt work then ill just have to wait until they release some more info.

Martin Night (Unknown) 25.11.2018 17:02
No problem,im glad to help.Just keep me inform about that wireframe bug,and did you manage it to solve it.

Giovanni Perez Melian (Unknown) 26.11.2018 20:47
donde esta la descargar g8

Giovanni Perez Melian (Unknown) 26.11.2018 20:48
donde esta la descargar g8

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