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Created28.11.2018 04:01

Rick Thomas (Unknown) 28.11.2018 04:01
Hello. i am 31 years old and have a slight background in programming ( i know basic java ) I would like someone to be able to call upon and teach me how to mod this game, i have fallen in love with it since the end of 17, I have managed to convert an ingame object to a functional farmhouse (all the functions a farm house provides in fs19) but want to understand and know more. I want to be able to create mods similar to factory maps, and seasons/gps mods, but I am not expecting miracles, i know it will take time, but I am willing to learn modeling and scripting basic functionality leading up to it, I am currently learning blender as I would like to be able to provide my own models to mods instead of ripplng them from elsewhere but I would like a mentor who knows everything or a few mentors who know certain aspects that wouldnt mind a complete noob picking their brain

if anyone doesnt mind and has discord, feel free to join my specific discord for this here


Rylan Givens (rylan) 28.11.2018 23:40
Dont know if you have posted on fs-uk or not, but i would do that if i were you.. I dont know how active this forum is regarding modders and scripters, theres a few yes, but not as many as on fs-uk i think..

I know square root of anything beside making maps, but i wish you the best of luck :)

Jozef Bača (TheGeremy) 05.01.2019 04:35
me too, it would be nice to have some wiki like web, where we can share knowledge, it seems someone tries to achieve this on, but this is on very very start...

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