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Created01.12.2018 11:44

Pete Johnson (Diguelo) 01.12.2018 11:44
I have to admit I never thought I would get so addicted to a simulator as I have to FS17 and now FS 19. Now I have a question for the developers.

Why have you made the graphics so actively advancd as to exempt the majority of lower end PC's and some consoles from being able to enjoy this software. As far as my personal equipment goes.
Desktop PC: Asus 170-A MB, i7 Processor 7th gen 4.1GHz, Nvidia Geforce 970 4GB card, 32GB DDR4 Ram, yada yada yada.
Laptop:: Asus K55A, i7 3.8GHz, Intel 4000 graphics, 8GB 1600MHz,

Then I come across what I assume is the same one upmanship I have found in a lot of games. Graphics effort goes through the roof and then machinery needs a massive upgrade to be able to play the sim. The editor itself being a example of where it all goes, it wont work on any computer not having OPENGL installed and getting it installed can be impossible and certainly in need of some skill in manipulating files.

This is simple to understand, all the videos, the wonderful display of flashy graphics on video and the great series of Streams prior to release. All incredible and had me sold. Now my deskop runs it as though its walking on a summers day, my laptop wont let 19 play due to being overloaded on the bus front and the graphics are too heavy even on the lowest settings. 17 was ok for general play and never failed, 19 wont play right.

Then theres the controller issue that everyone seems to be grinding on about, Logitech G920 system and a saitek side panel is what i use and it seems the Axis configuration routines in 19 are nothing remotely like 17 and the unit just switches off when the game loads,

Just maybe for once, people will write for the masses and get people interested in doing something with a community rather than excluding the minor in favour of the major.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.12.2018 12:26
Progress never ends. Just in computer affairs massive innovations come all 3-5 years.
64bit is quasi-standard now and people whining about obsolete 32bit have slept the time.

OpenGL 4.5 is released 2014. Are you aware, that you can't play (satisfying) an actual game on a 5-year old rig?

The customers WANT progress. Higher resolutions and refresh rates, more details, ... etc.
The developer studios only react to satisfy the demand.

Concerning game controllers:
There are thousands of controllers on the market. Each has its own quirk, like the different PC systems.
And often people don't handle the devices properly. They connect a controller without having an actual driver installed and wonder why it doesn't work.
And some controllers need after restart an a##-kick by Windows first to initialize them properly.

Tracy Rose (Unknown) 01.12.2018 15:11
I'm sorry, Bilbo, but I don't agree with you, because all of the previous games were working correctly, when I used my controller. Only this newest version of the game has this issue.
As I see, the Giant is unable to solve this problem. Not the users should blame for it.
"Farm never like before" - it's totally true. Never been such ....
Maybe it was too early to "innovate"

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.12.2018 17:48
I had only trouble in the early vs. 1.1, since 1.1.3 all works fine.
Logitech Driving Force GT, Thrustmaster Warthog joystick and throttle.
Merely a few buttons can't be assigned and the 2-button mapping is missing. Will be hopefully fixed in upcoming patch.

The wheel I had to initialize first already in FS13-17 to acknowledge the settings. Windows doesn't execute this automatically.

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