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Created04.12.2018 20:13

Spitball (Spitball) 04.12.2018 20:13
I open the mapDE.i3d and Export All with Files without saving the original; however, when I save anything in the new map file, even if it’s on a thumb drive (doesn't matter where it's saved), some original files are changed as well. I noticed this when I Verify Integrity of Game Files within Steam. Steam restores all changed game files (sometimes up to 46 files) and this reflects in my edited map. My map changes get totally destroyed, seems like it's only terrain issues. I have never encountered this problem with FS15, or FS17. I also did a test where I Export All with Files of the original mapDE.i3d, edited the map, saved it, then immediately opened the original mapDE.i3d in the C: directory and see the edits I just made. This isn’t right, would someone please explain why is this happening?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.12.2018 20:25
It might be, the GE keeps locks on certain directories (remember: it's still a beta version).
For safety you should close the GE after you have exported the map. Then open the exported map again in the destination folder.

Spitball (Spitball) 04.12.2018 20:36
I do close the GE after exporting, but I'll try again, thanks.

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