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Creating Sellingpoints

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Created09.12.2018 12:41

Laurence Peeters (Unknown) 09.12.2018 12:41
Hi there!

I am working on FS19 map. I have some nice progress but I can't find out how create selling points for the crops. Can someone help me or know a tutorial?

I tryed to coppy a selling point from the existing map but that isnt working.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.12.2018 14:40
Selling points as well as other triggers are now (in FS19) handled in a different way.
On the map they are represented by placeholders. Each station has its own dedicated i3d and xml for properties. At game start they are inserted by the "defaultItems.xml".
Examine these files to understand the relationship.

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