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Question about Mesh for animals

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Created10.12.2018 17:05

Aleksey Potanin (Alex198602) 10.12.2018 17:05
Good day! Someone faced the problem of creating a Mesh for animals. Previously on GE7.0 we created using the Info Layer section, is It not available now?

Ander Ss (anderrios) 10.12.2018 18:59
you can use info layer adding it with the text editor to the .i3d or use the planes of "navMeshPlanes" inside the placeable to generate the navMesh

Brian Smith (bs98765432123) 12.12.2018 08:38
i have had success exporting navmesh from a 17 map and importing into a 19 map, then deleting the nav mesh in the placeable and putting the new navmesh in its place

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