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Selling Stations in FS19

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Created10.12.2018 19:22

Zachary Lemay (ZachRacing) 10.12.2018 19:22
Did anyone find out how to make selling stations work properly in-game yet? Doing it the FS17 way no longer works.

I can place them in the Editor but In-Game they do not appear on the map and do not function.

Eelke Van Der Weide (coresoldier) 10.12.2018 19:33

this may help

Zachary Lemay (ZachRacing) 11.12.2018 03:37
Thanks :D I actually watched his videos before didn't see that one :D

Petr Lederer (Ledik) 11.12.2018 10:27
HI guys
I'm currently struggling with one particular thing Could you please give me an advice how to create selling trigger (in Giants v8 editor) which doesn't require *.xml like in previous versions and isn't placable (visible) ingame. Thank you

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