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problems with a map.

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Created14.12.2018 02:22

Keven Kjeldsen (menico) 14.12.2018 02:22
im making this map an am almost done but when i enter a taktor or somthing like that. it fresses but i can se the speed going on the traktor. an when i leav the traktor it have moved ? xD

William Rowe (Bonger76) 14.12.2018 02:25
post your game log

William Murnahan (apache4931) 14.12.2018 04:48
try adding a water plane to your map. Follow this post half way down.
not having a water plane on your mod map will freeze the vehicles.

Keven Kjeldsen (menico) 14.12.2018 15:05
I got it to work in first person. It doesn't work in Third Person it just fresses. i have tryed the waterplan it dident work for me.

Brian Smith (bs98765432123) 14.12.2018 16:06
perhaps you have multiple isMainWater planes? importing raven port big sea plane worked for me

William Rowe (Bonger76) 14.12.2018 16:43
look at your game log not the counsle log in GE it is thier where your mods folder is and it will give you the error or .lua call stack wich should point you in the right direction for your problem,for the water plane you just need to add the attribute ,

<Attribute name="isMainWater" type="boolean" value="true"/>
<Attribute name="onCreate" type="scriptCallback" value="Environment.onCreateWater"/>
and only have one of them as true

Keven Kjeldsen (menico) 15.12.2018 23:28
i got it too work :) thx :)

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