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How to make working gas station in FS19 map?

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Created24.12.2018 23:33

Stefan Vidic (Unknown) 24.12.2018 23:33
Hello, everyone! I am very new here, sorry, if the topic does not fit to this forum.

Could anyone explain step-by-step how do you make a working gas station in your map?

I started playing FS19 month ago (never touched any other FS before), but really like the game, especially for its mod support. I have had modding experience with other games, and now I am working on a map for FS19. I almost done with layout, have created fields (many thanks to ShyWizard for his video) and split the land for buying (that was really hard to figure out...), not to mention "small things" like placing player and vehicles spawns. With gas station, however, there is less luck. That's easy to put a prop, but how to make it actually work? I examined standard maps, custom maps, tried to copy things into my map, watched some videos and tried to repeat shown steps, but that hasn't worked (probably, because those videos were for FS17....). For now I am really lost. Without working gas station player would ran out fuel quickly, so I can't just go on and finish the map.

I would be glad for any help!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.12.2018 01:29
1st step: examine the standard maps' gas stations incl. i3d representation (placeholders), the station xml and map insertion by "defaultItems.xml".

2nd step: exercise what you have learned by practicing 1st step.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 25.12.2018 02:41
Local Disk (C:)/ Program Files (x86)/ Farming Simulator 2019/data/placeables/mapUS/ COPY....DON'T...MOVE
gasStationPump file to desktop, open file, delete xml file, open i3d file with Notepad++ make Files section
look like this
<File fileId="5" filename="data/maps/textures/american/props/gasStationPump_ao.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="1" filename="data/maps/textures/american/props/gasStationPump_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="2" filename="data/maps/textures/american/props/gasStationPump_normal.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="3" filename="data/maps/textures/american/props/gasStationPump_specular.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="4" filename="data/shaders/buildingShader.xml" relativePath="true"/>
import it into your map where you want it, make a note of position x y z, and rotation 0 0 0 add those to the
defaultitems file below, add this to your defaultitems xml in your map

<item className="BuyingStationPlaceable" filename="data/placeables/mapUS/gasStationPump/gasStationPump.xml" position="-20.648 100 -577.34" rotation="0 0 0" farmId="0" mapBoundId="gasStationPump"/>

Now if you want here is the lil gas station i made from parts i found in map just open zip, import file to map add pump

remember when you add the pump position and rotation to defaultitems xml you need to delete pump from map because
defaultitems xml will put a working pump into map on start of play mode.

Stefan Vidic (Unknown) 25.12.2018 12:16
brownthumb, thank you for the quick reply! Actually, before starting this thread, I have tried making such defaultItems.xml, but haven't got any luck and completely ran out of ideas. I'll try to experiment with other steps you suggested, thanks!

Jeffery Lind (Procobator) 26.12.2018 15:31
Giants did not add the fuel trigger at the gas station in the placeholder transform group like was done with other triggers such at the vehicle sell point but the method to add it is similiar. Find the location of the fuel trigger i3d in he base game files and import it into you map. Move trigger to the desired location under the placeaholder transform group ( same as base game maps) and take note of the translations and rotations of the trigger. Once you have it where you want it export it out to a folder you have located in your map mod. Maybe call it “placeables”. Then if you have not done so yet copy the fuel station trigger item from the items xml from the ravenport base game files and have it reference your newly relocated trigger 3di file and input the corresponding translations and rotations.

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