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Created31.12.2018 05:43

Josh Miller (joshmiller83) 31.12.2018 05:43
I have been editing a map and changed some grass into gravel but I have grass growing thru the gravel. How do I remove growing grass?

I would like a quick walk-through/ tutorial on how to do this!

Thank you!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 31.12.2018 06:25
Before you ask here, you should
- read the moddingHandbook on your DVD folder sdk (also available here as download)
- learn a little bit eg. by the "Video Tutorials" here

Ok - short answer for lazy people:
In GE activate foliage editing, select foliage "grass", with right mouse button (default) you erase grass foliage.

happy ny

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