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Created01.01.2019 23:16

Marcos Mat (tyrbeigal) 01.01.2019 23:16

I would like to use some of Giant's textures, the ones that seem to be inside "", is there a way to unpack or open it? Tried with but it only opens one texture.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.01.2019 04:09
Perhaps try with the Nvidia DDS Utilities. There's a converter DDS -> TGA.

Marcos Mat (tyrbeigal) 02.01.2019 19:23
Thanks Bilbo! Unfortunately it didn't work out ....but might be my fault, I don't fully understand what I am doing.

ElKameleon 03.01.2019 17:41
You'll have to use GIMP 2.8.14 and the DDS plugin for it. It works, but some of the "layers" in the array are full-on black. I'm also currently trying to do the same as you are, and have found objects using apparently one material, but its somehow indexing them per face, so more than ome material shows up on one object... Can't figure it out.I really wish there was more documentation! Hopefully you get along better than I do.

Downloads below assume win64

Marcos Mat (tyrbeigal) 03.01.2019 20:47
You made my day man! worked perfectly. I am able to see all the layers, 15 images with 12 mipmaps each (same image scaled down several times). I am a noob when it comes to texturing,let alone creating videogame assets, but It seems those little images are used ingame to increase performance and "look".

Thank you!

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