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Created02.01.2019 13:25

Ekkehard Kohfeld (EKohfeld) 02.01.2019 13:25
Hello unfortunately only Googel├╝bersetzer
I ask again why delete the GE 8.0 and GE 8.1
these entries behind the?
<File fileId = "1" filename = "../ agcoWeights_normal.png" relativePath = "true" />

After spokes with the GE are they gone?
relativePath = "true" />

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.01.2019 14:41
Quite simple and self-evident: because it is outdated, not used anymore.
According to OS, the pathes are now always relative, except when absolute path is forced by specifying drive letter or install path "$data/..".

Ekkehard Kohfeld (EKohfeld) 03.01.2019 11:23
Thanks if that is so now and no mistake I am reassured.
Many thanks

Ekkehard Kohfeld (EKohfeld) 03.01.2019 11:41
But there is one more question why is not that in the original data of LS 19 in all but in many?
e.g. mapUS.i3d
<File fileId = "736" filename = "../ fillPlanes / silage_diffuse.png" relativePath = "true" />
or another example
<File fileId = "1" filename = "basketball_diffuse.png" relativePath = "true" />
<File fileId = "1" filename = "../ foliage / wheatBarley_diffuse.png" relativePath = "true" />

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 03.01.2019 13:24
Thats because this attribute was not used anymore but still written by the editor until shortly before the release. But we never changed the map i3d with the editor anymore after that change.

Ekkehard Kohfeld (EKohfeld) 04.01.2019 10:52
OK. Many thanks

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