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Object placement widget appears far from object

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Created05.01.2019 22:35

Damian Coffey (Unknown) 05.01.2019 22:35
Hi quick question.

Is there a way to reset the object placement widget to snap to the selected object?

For some reason in my edit map, the placement widget is appearing several kilometers away from the actual object making it near impossible to place objects.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.01.2019 02:38
I'd guess there's something wrong with your placeable. Normally the 'ghosted' placeable is directly under cursor. But if the placeable is misaligned (root has translations or scaling) this may occur.

On the other hand can be, you have one (or more) wrong scaled depth/density map. Look into log for errors.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 06.01.2019 04:09
export the object to your map some were usley same place it is loading its texture from so you can work on it outside the map. If the object has a lot of parts it will be more work you have to remove the parts to get the main base object centered you need to get it as close to X-0 Y-0 Z-0 then go to
edit select freeze transformation it is the Translate that put the widget back to X-0 Y-0 Z-0 it takes a little work to get it so when you place you get the high right,when the objects like a building with light door if you just highlight object and translate it will move them all to X-0 Y-0 Z-0 so they will
need to be remove out side the main object then put back in after you get it were you whant should also use the gride to help find center it in the view tab select it. I think this is what you are asking if not sorry

Bessard Thibaut (Unknown) 06.01.2019 11:02

hello, I have a small problem when I import a building from prefab and the glide of the sceengraph on the viewport it does not appear and that for all
thank you kindly help me please

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