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Created07.01.2019 19:02

Nico Palmetshofer (NicoPL) 07.01.2019 19:02
When I go into a map with the Gianst Editor 8.1.0 I see no ground so no green just the houses, trees and so on. He often crashes about 2 seconds after starting. But often also stands:
Warning: Texture 'TerrainDiffuseTextureArray' has wrong type (2darray instead of 2d) in 'terrainPatch15x15_mat'.
Warning: Texture 'TerrainNormalMapTextureArray' has wrong type (2darray instead of 2d) in 'terrainPatch15x15_mat'.

And if I already ask questions, I also have a question about the game itself: And how I turn off the simplified crane control.

Thank you in advance

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.01.2019 22:54
Be sure to have the game patched to Vs. 1.2.
If you have a mod map, might be this isn't updated yet.

A switch "simplified crane control" you find in the game options.

Toussaint Guy (papy50) 08.01.2019 21:49
j ai le meme probleme et ne trouve pas de solution
j ai la v1.2 et ouvre map de base mais pas de texture terrain

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