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Animal navMesh not working properly

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Created13.01.2019 14:51

William Svederberg (williamsvederberg) 13.01.2019 14:51

I am building a map and have created a navMesh for the cows. However when I go into the game and walk past certain coordinates the Animal Animation freezes. I have tried recreating the navmesh and it won't work. The navMesh works fine when the building is placed as bought from the shop but this issue occurs when the game spawns the placeable at gamestart. See the video for example of what is wrong.

I have figured out that the animation normally freezes when you go far away from the location of the navmesh. Since the navmesh is quite big i tried making it smaller but the same issue is still present. Maybe someone have had the same problem and knows how to solve it?


Steffen Wae (Unknown) 14.01.2019 14:49
It's normal, happens with original map as well as far as I've seen. ;)

Brian Smith (bs98765432123) 14.01.2019 15:40
i used info from forum posts last month on here to fix mine, scroll through previous posts, i cant remember exactly what i did to fix but something to do with rotation being set to 0 either for transform group, navmesh or both?

found the thread:

William Svederberg (williamsvederberg) 14.01.2019 19:26
As you've read the thread again. Can you remember what rotations you set to 0? From what I can see I have already set every rotation and translation to 0 since that is needed to make the building spawn in the right place (unless you keep the placement values of the placeable and set all translation/rotation values in the map_items to 0.

Tried a few ways but cannot seem to make it work

Derek Squire (dezza069) 14.01.2019 23:59
In the GE create a transform group which has the placement position, rotation required and user attribute "onCreate" script for your animal pen and then put your animal pen into this transform group. Ensure the animal pen's own transform group (ie. the main child which you imported and then placed inside the parent transform group with the positions/rotations/etc as mentioned) has a placing position and rotation all set to 0.

Using this method I have now have free range chickens and cows which the animations do not stop.

William Svederberg (williamsvederberg) 15.01.2019 00:17
Thank you Derek. I cannot find the correct onCreate tho.. Which one should I use?

Edit: Just wrote onCreate in the user attr.. My cows are still frozen though

Brian Smith (bs98765432123) 16.01.2019 18:37
I think he is refering to Placeholders.onCreate

make sure the transform group which has the Placeholders.onCreate has rotation values set to 0

William Svederberg (williamsvederberg) 17.01.2019 00:14
Thank you Brian. Tried adding Placeholders.onCreate on the main child (the building with all translations and rotations set to 0) of the transformgroup. This did not work and the cows still freeze on the exact same spot as shown in the video.

Brian Smith (bs98765432123) 17.01.2019 19:23
This goes counter to what Derek said but in my map both the husbandry tranform group and the tranform group it is a child of both have rotations set to 0. Hope you figure it out, neat map your working on, perhaps a quick video of your scenegraph would shed some light?

William Svederberg (williamsvederberg) 17.01.2019 23:56
Here is a link for a video of me showing the scenegraph.

The first onCreate i showed was something I forgot to delete before creating the placeholder.onCreate of the main child.

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