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Created01.02.2019 05:37

Aleksey Potanin (Alex198602) 01.02.2019 05:37
Faced with the problem of registration of culture to be displayed on the ground. In the maps_densityMapHeightTypes file.xml prescribe the location of textures, but it is impossible to register in the mod, only in the game itself?

<textures diffuse="data/sand/sand_diffuse.png" normal="data/sand/sand_normal.png" distance="data/sand/sandDistance_diffuse.png" />

O.wiesemann (TopAce8888) 01.02.2019 11:12
It isnt working at the moment, its a bug in the game engine. Hopefully, Giants will fix this soon (, as they did with the same issue with the sound files for animated objects).

Aleksey Potanin (Alex198602) 01.02.2019 14:01
So I was right, thanks for telling me. And the I tried different ways, and not broke a

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