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Created21.02.2019 21:05

Roel Kanters (Unknown) 21.02.2019 21:05
i just installed giants editor
but it says starting and then crashes
i looked at the log folder and this is what it says:Error: GLSL version 4.50 or better is required. Your version is 3.30 - Build
how do i fix this.
thanks for the help

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.02.2019 21:50
If your GPU doesn't support OpenGL 4.5, you can do nothing else than buying a new, better one.

If it does support OpenGL 4.5, maybe a gfx driver update helps.

If you don't know, google for "{your GPU type} OpenGL"

Manuel Azevedo (AMIX72) 23.02.2019 10:10
how to solve problems of lack of shader 4.5, see video

emulates any program or game

have a good day

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