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Created02.03.2019 00:08

Tony Price (brownthumb) 02.03.2019 00:08
Hi, have a question, i put imports folder into maps folder, i put object folders into imports folder to import into map.
now sometimes you have objects that need their own textures that the game dosen't provide. i want to place one texture
file into imports folder for the objects that need them to draw from, question is how do i get the object to find the texture that it needs?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.03.2019 05:40
How should the GE find the texture (path) if it was imported with a different filepath?
That's why Giants recommands to use a certain directory structure. If everyone were to follow the recommendations, it would be easier.
So you must manually adapt the path. Either by text-editing the i3d <Files> or in GE material edit.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 02.03.2019 07:29
I dont' think you get what i'm getting at, i'll see if i can word it better, if i were just using objects from FS19
maps i wouldn't need a texture folder in my map. I love the way it's set up. but if i go and take objects from FS17
maps and bring them to FS19 map i'll have to bring the textures to those objects with them, say i bring 20 objects, now
i got 20 folders in my imports folder and in each folder i now have a texture folder, now say 12 of those objects
are using some of the same textures, wouldn't it be better if there was only one central texture folder that all
20 objects could draw from? that's what i did. i made a texture folder and put one each of the needed textures
into it and put it into the imports folder. what i need help with is getting a path from objects i3d file to the
textures in the textures folder that the editor can read, so far no luck.

Derek Squire (dezza069) 02.03.2019 08:59
In your path, "../" will go back one folder level, and "../../" would be two folder levels (don't use the " " !!!!), etc, etc.

So an id3 in:

Requiring a texture in:

Would use:
<File fileId="????" filename"../../shared/textures/" />

Hope that helps :)

Tony Price (brownthumb) 02.03.2019 12:35
thank you! that was what i was looking for, works perfect. thanks again.

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