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Creating tip collison

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Created01.04.2019 12:19

Andrew Matatata (Unknown) 01.04.2019 12:19
Hello i have a question about tip collison on placeables like bunker silo and manure pit i made custom cow shed for my new map and everything seems to work ok only manure is causing me some trouble. It spills over the walls dosent matter what i try even tried to import manure walls from original cow shed but no luck how to properly do tip collison on placeables ?

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 06.04.2019 01:48
Set the collision mask of the bunker too 800ff then while the bunker is selected not the transform group, the bunker itself run the Create Ground Collision script and that should fix the problem.

Andrew Matatata (Unknown) 23.04.2019 18:07
So when import silo into the map i run the script ?

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