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Error: Wrong game installation path. Please verify editor preferences

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Created21.06.2019 18:08

Jim Woodward (jwoodward1987) 21.06.2019 18:08
Im new to the giants editor program and I keep getting a Error: Wrong game installation path. Please verify editor preferences. Not sure what im looking for or what it has to be changed too.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.06.2019 04:44
GE menu File -> Preferences -> General -> Game Installation (Path).
Check it for proper setup. If wrong path, fix it.

Erik Martiš (Unknown) 17.03.2020 21:49
And what if my game installation path is correct, disc D - documents - my games - FarmingSimulator19

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.03.2020 00:22
*argh* that's not the game install path, but the path to your personal FS user folder (settings, savegames etc.)

Andrew Ryan (andyryan869) 24.03.2020 20:14
so what do i need to do because im using steam? and my steam file is on my d drive i went and uninstalled GE on my d drive and path it all the way to my farm sim folder thru steam and GE still wont open up longer the 5 seconds please help

Andrew Ryan (andyryan869) 24.03.2020 20:20
so what do i need to do because im using steam? and my steam file is on my d drive i went and uninstalled GE on my d drive and path it all the way to my farm sim folder thru steam and GE still wont open up longer the 5 seconds please help

William Aldridge (Williamaldridgew) 01.11.2020 20:14
then whats is the game instalation path?

Harry Hayes (hayeh680) 02.01.2021 09:11
I'm getting the same error but i don't understand what the game path is?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.01.2021 10:18
OMG - what's so difficult?
The "game installation path" is the folder where the FS game is installed.
Honestly - if you have no idea about such trivial things, better forget any modding, play on console.

Stephen Ashenden (smacleanandgreen) 09.01.2021 00:58
Ok so i had this problem also kept crashing and saying check preferences. So i put in D:/Steam Games/steamapps/common/Farming Simulator 19/is where game is installed works great now. Side note great job bilbo beutin your a real man aren't you.Your drive may be different but if its on steam you will find it at that path.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.01.2021 09:20
This is what I said: if you don't know where you have installed a certain program or how to find it out afterwards, go play on console. There you don't need to bother with install location.

Michel Schipper (MichelS) 06.05.2021 15:39
You are an idiot bilbo some people are new to this mate put that console up youre arse

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.05.2021 20:43
Go play with your dolls and don't bother adults.

Justin Isaacs (DlriumTrgger) 10.01.2022 12:32
@Bilbo whats amazing is that someone asked for help and you were too much of an ass to supply an answer where as someone gave a good answer with lesser effort while being courteous. And its idiots like yourself that probably play on their own regardless.

Jose Schnauckerman (ceustice1) 07.02.2022 23:50
Y'all i figure it out! It is here

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Farming Simulator 22

change the C at the beginning to fit your drive, as it may be different. Also if its for 19 change that obv

Steven Dorazio (steven126) 01.04.2022 16:45
it will not even let me apply idk what to do it keeps saying starting

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 01.04.2022 17:37
Are you talking about the game installation path? It won't apply after changing the path? Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 64bit 9.0.2 (path is an approximation, yours may be slightly different) and see what it says in the editor_log. It may give you an indication of why it's not starting. If you don't see the AppData folder, you may have to edit your folder preferences to show hidden files/folders.

Lucas Wennerstrom (lucwen) 06.12.2022 15:16
but if you got it on the xbox app how do you do then?

Niklas Møller (Nikl2011) 25.03.2023 18:34

Niklas Møller (Nikl2011) 25.03.2023 18:34

Niklas Møller (Nikl2011) 25.03.2023 18:34

Niklas Møller (Nikl2011) 25.03.2023 18:35

Zach Swat (Zswat) 28.03.2023 16:45
Im having a similar issue , downloaded from the Xbox app, set game install path correctly( i think) still says verify editor prefrences, also will not let me publish my map. Very new to this so I might be doing it all wrong and any help would be much appreciated.

Jake Wilson (Wilson_2002) 29.03.2023 21:52
@Zswat i have the same issue, if you manage to figure it out before i do can you give me a heads up on how to do it please.

EDIT - Thanks to jamisonw who is actually helpful (unlike biblo the dildo)

{Jamison Walker (jamisonw) 29.01.2023 12:46
What is up with this Bilbo dude, he's all over this forum being a complete boob and providing seriously non helpful information. I've developed way too much software to know this is crap. We shouldn't have to apply any settings like this. I've set my correct file path as well and it still gives me the same error.
Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/XboxGames/Farming Simulator 22 - Window 10 Edition/data/shaders/groundHeightShader.xml'.

EDIT: After doing THE SAME exact thing for 6 hours, repeatedly uninstalling and reinstalling as well as deleting my appdata files and setting the pathway to my downloaded game correctly over and over again, it worked.

For anyone who is using Windows 10 version by the way... you have to go deeper into your install files until you are in content.
Like so: C:/XboxGames/Farming Simulator 22 - Window 10 Edition/Content/}

Zach Swat (Zswat) 01.04.2023 02:22
Ill have to give it a try, thanks!

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