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Mod map textures don't change in savegame

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Created03.07.2019 15:11

Unknown 03.07.2019 15:11
Hi, I'm pretty new to the GE so I guess I'm missing a step.

I'm currently editing a map that I'm already playing on.
Changes to structures show up but textures that were changed (eg grass to asphalt) do not show up in my savegame.
When I start a new savegame the changes to textures do show up.
From that I'm guessing that I have to replace a file in the savegame folder but I don't know which ones or whether this even is the source of my problem.

So far I'm stuck on this problem and would appreciate if anyone had an idea to solve the issue.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.07.2019 16:50
After GE edits there are many files which you may have to change in savegame, so it's best to begin a new career.

For ground texture you need to copy the "*terrain.nmap.cache"

Unknown 03.07.2019 17:18
I tried that but it didn't work :(

However when I create a new savegame and copy the careerSavegame & vehicles file from the old savegame into the new one it deletes all the crops but at least I keep my vehicles and after hours of trial & error I'm fine with that.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.07.2019 17:43
Probably you have missed to rename the file after copy.
The editor writes a "mapXX.i3d.terrain.nmap.cache" - in savegame it must be renamed as "terrain.nmap.cache".

Unknown 03.07.2019 18:00
I did rename it but it still loaded up without the changed textures.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.07.2019 18:13
Did you change something with the ingame terrain tool?

At least should be ok, if you copy additionally the "terrain.lod.type.cache".

Unknown 03.07.2019 19:59
No I have not used the ingame terrain tool but I might have used the terrain tool of the GE (not quite sure tbh)

I also exchanged the terrain.nmap.cache & the terrain.lod.type.cache with the renamed ones of the updated map but it still does not load the changed textures.

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