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Terrain editing/cultivator density issues 8.0.1 editor

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Created03.08.2019 14:30

Sean Faldon (Unknown) 03.08.2019 14:30
Everything was working fine. Now i have an issue where previously painted cultivator density layers (base fields) are not moving with the terrain sculpt tool as before. so now if i make an edit to the terrain i have to re apply the terrain detail tool for it to update...if i edit terrain and press update all textures it still does not change the cultivated layer until its repainted. I have checked the logs for errors ,It does not matter on what map i am editing its the same now. I have deleted all folders from local files and re-installed the editor. still the same. The problem arose when editing terrain yesterday and i must have pressed something or the game editor froze for a second and ever since i have this issue. .i really dont want to have to repaint my fields.

brand new empty mod map with only a DEM and cultivated layer that is in creation.
No Errors

Many thanks Sean

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.08.2019 23:28
The displayed terrain surface doesn't follow immediately the terrain height changes (due to performance).
Zoom out/in or move to another part of the map. If you come back it should be refreshed.

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