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info layers not saving

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Created21.08.2019 16:42

P Tschirhart (AwesomeLiquor) 21.08.2019 16:42
in the map ( map open ) it shows the masks painted ,,,, but it does not save in the grle or gdm , converted - they are empty

side not when painting foliage textures , and choose a mask to paint onto , nothing happens ( if you choose grass as foilage, and want to paint on grass04 .... nothing happens)

any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated, thank you

Derek Squire (dezza069) 21.08.2019 23:00
With your first point - do you need to use the option under "Scripts" -> "Maps" -> "Create Ground Collision Map"??? I regularly use this when painting so don't actually know if it's a needed step or not.

As for painting foliage using a mask, yes I've also noticed that and it doesn't matter what settings I use nothing seems to happen.


P Tschirhart (AwesomeLiquor) 22.08.2019 03:31
as for the tipcol and height density grle and gdm ,,,,, created, deleted , coloured, swapped out , i3d open - shows masks for both , channel 0 and channel 1 ,,,, but when you open either one of them ( from 'map'folder) , the are blank

tried the renaming thingy . nothing , it will not save the info layer information oh well

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