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Created27.09.2019 11:51

Иван Шаньгин (Ivan1985) 27.09.2019 11:51
Hello everyone, who will tell you how to change the textures on the mod technique? I download the mod from it, although the paths are spelled out in a standard color in the game, so I wanted to know how to replace it with my color

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.09.2019 21:07
Look into the vehicle.xml for <baseMaterial>
If this exists, you're lucky and simply can add <baseMaterialConfigurations..> for color choice. You'll find lots of examples in the default vehicles.

If it doesn't exist, look into i3d (text view) for a shader with customShaderVariation="colorMask".
Then you can probably add a color choice:
Actual FS19 models use <CustomParameter name="colorMat.." and you can add in xml <baseMaterial> and <baseMaterialConfigurations..>.
Older FS17 models use <CustomParameter name="colorScale" and in xml <baseColorConfigurations..>.

If nothing of this kind is present, the color is fixed in texture and you need to overwork it in a paint program like GIMP, or similar.

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