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GE 8.1 laggs when moving objects

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Created04.11.2019 23:35

Tino Anterhaus (DecanKane) 04.11.2019 23:35
Hey fellow.
My GE is lagging, when i moving objects (trees, buildings, other objects). These objects seems to be "jumping, is it not possible, to move them fast and smove...
When i draw terrain or crops, no problems.
The problem is, since nearly 10 days, and i have no clue, what it is.
My system cannot be the reason. 8GB GPU, Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM and Win10.

Does somebody know these issues?
A new installation give no improvement.

regards, Tino

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.11.2019 03:42
There are often problems after a forced Win10 update. Check your system and gfx settings for changes. If OneDrive is enabled, switch it off.

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