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Created07.11.2019 02:07

Ola Haldor Solvik Voll (OlaHaldor) 07.11.2019 02:07
In the mapDE.xml the map height and width is set to 4096.
In the mapDE.i3d the unitsPerPixel is set to 2, it's what works best to resemble the real location. (I've seen videos describing set this to 4, but the map becomes too big, and the viewport glitches out when I look in a specific direction).

When I'm ingame and see my location in the PDA/map, it's nowhere near where it should be.
I'm a bit puzzled, because the DEM and the image for the PDA comes from the very same height data and match 100%.

Both the DEM and PDA files are 4096

William Rowe (Bonger76) 07.11.2019 04:25
you mapdem .png needs to be 2049x2049 and the PDA needs to be 2048x2048 on a 4Xmap and
<map width="4096" height="4096" imageFilename="maps/pda_map_H.png"> in your mapXMl, 2 unitsPerPixel is good changing it to 4 would make it a 16X but things will be out of scale.

Ola Haldor Solvik Voll (OlaHaldor) 07.11.2019 10:30
Aaah.. My mistake, the DEM is of course 4097.
You got me on the right track to adjust the settings accordingly in both files. Should work now. :)


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